What are the side effects of PE treatments?

No prescription medication is without the possibility of side effects, and PE treatments may cause symptoms like tiredness, nausea and headaches.

When prescribed a treatment plan to treat PE, you will be provided with detailed information about potential side effects.

Side effects include:

  • 😴 Drowsiness
  • 💆🏼‍♀️ Headaches
  • 🚽 Stomach discomfort
  • 😵‍💫 Difficulty concentrating

Most mild symptoms can be managed at home using tips that can be found in your practitioner letter or the “Help” section on your patient profile. But if you find your symptoms do not subside or they concern you, please contact our Medical Support Team here for additional support.


🚨Patients experiencing breathing difficulties, chest pain, severe mood changes, confusion or severe rashes to the skin should seek immediate medical assistance by calling 000 or visiting your local Emergency Department🚨