What are the side effects of Sleep treatments?

When provided a treatment plan by your practitioner, you will be provided with detailed information about potential side effects. It's important to be 100% informed and comfortable with your treatment plan.

Some medications to assist sleep can cause side effects like drowsiness, headaches, dizziness and unusual dreams. 

To mitigate side effects, we encourage patients to:

  • 💦 Stay well hydrated
  • 🍻 Avoid alcohol and other sedatives with the medication
  • Avoid driving when drowsy
  • Only take the medication if you have 7 hours to stay asleep

Additionally, you may like to visit the "Help" section in your patient profile for further information.

If you experience side effects and they worry you OR if you develop abnormal thoughts or behaviours or a temporary inability to move or talk while you are going to sleep or waking up, please message our Medical Support Team here for additional support.