How to I get started on the Weight Reset Program?

Pilot currently treats patients for weight loss, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, herpes, acne and sleep. Find out how to get started with hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, herpes, acne and sleep treatments here

Read the below six simple steps to get started with the Weight Reset Program today:

  1. Start your Initial Screening Quiz: This quiz will take you through a series of questions to see if you could be suitable for our Weight Reset Program. Begin your quiz here.
  2. Make your payment: If deemed a suitable candidate during your Initial Screening Quiz, make a payment of $599 for your first month of the Pilot Weight Reset Program.
  3. Complete your Medical Screening Quiz: This is a series of medical questions that allows your practitioner to prepare for your consult ahead of time, by getting a better picture of your health.
  4. Schedule a call with your Pilot practitioner: You will be given the option for an immediate call or to schedule a call later in the week. You will receive an SMS confirming the 4-hour window and date you will be called, with a link to reschedule your call at the bottom.
  5. Complete your practitioner consultation: Your practitioner will call you within your chosen time window to discuss your eligibility and possible treatment options. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during your consultation and confirm if you want to proceed with any treatment options. If you choose not to proceed or are deemed unsuitable for any treatment options, we will refund the payment for your initial consultation.
  6. Confirm your treatment plan: This can be done in your Pilot profile. Your order will be delivered straight to your door. You will receive information with your delivery on how to begin your treatment and our Medical Support Team is available if you have any questions or concerns. When you are ready for your next order, we will automatically send this out to you.

Access your ongoing support

You will have access to your practitioner, registered nurses, pharmacists, patient support and Health Coaching team* which are included in your treatment plan. Your practitioner will reach out once it is time to review your treatment plan.

*Health Coaching is only available for patients on our Weight Reset Program.