How do I find my residential address associated with my IHI?

if you have a registered Individual Health Identifier (IHI), you can find your residential address associated with your IHI by following the steps below.

If you do not have an IHI, apply for one here first.


Find your residential address associated with your IHI

1. Log into your MyGov account.

2. Go to your Profile and navigate to Contact details.


3. Next to Address, click Edit.
4. Check that Medicare is selected (or My Health Record if you don’t have Medicare) to share your Home Address with this service. Click Update to save your changes.
5. If your Home Address is empty, input your residential address. Remember to click Update to save your changes.


Once you have shared your Home Address with Medicare/My Health Record, this is the residential address associated with your IHI.

IHI Screen .png

Link your IHI to your Pilot account using your residential address

First, you’ll need to provide the residential address associated with your IHI when you see the screen below. We will attempt to identify your IHI number using this residential address.

If you don’t see this screen, provide your residential address in your Pilot Profile by following instructions in this article.

If we cannot identify your IHI, you have the option to use your Medicare details.

Contact us if you don’t have Medicare or are having any issues linking your IHI with your Pilot account so we can assist you.