Do I need to get a Blood Pressure Reading and/or Pregnancy Test before I start treatment?

Blood Pressure

It is preferred by your Pilot Practitioner that you get your blood pressure reading done within the first month of starting your treatment plan.

You can do your tests any time before your next consultation with your practitioner, and the time frame is dependent on which treatment plan you are on. If you do not submit your blood pressure reading before your follow-up consultation, your practitioner will not be able to continue your treatment plan.

Pregnancy Test

It is preferred by your Pilot Practitioner that you get your pregnancy test done before starting your treatment plan.

If the test is positive, your Pilot practitioner will be in contact and advise against starting the treatment. They will be able to chat to you about other options we can offer.

If the test is negative, the practitioner will need to see these results before proceeding with treatment.