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It is quite common to experience nausea when starting on your new weight loss medication. There are a variety of interventions that can be used to reduce and manage nausea:

  • Eat 3 small meals a day, with 1-2 snacks
    • An empty stomach can make nausea worse
  • Try opting for bland, cold foods
    • for example bananas, custards, jelly, tinned fruit, crackers & toast
  • Try ginger containing food and drinks or peppermint tea
  • Sip cold clear fluids frequently throughout the day
    • Aim for 2L of fluids daily. This will also help minimise your risk of headaches & constipation.

However, if these methods are unsuccessful or your nausea is severe, or impacting your daily activities please get in touch with our medical support team of nurses and pharmacists here.