Tracking my delivery

Pilot uses Australia Post to deliver all of our orders. When your order is dispatched from our partner pharmacy, we will send you an email notifying you that the order is on the way. This email will also include an Australia Post Tracking Link (see below).

The pharmacy will usually process your order and have it dispatched within 2-4 business days. However, please be aware that in some cases there may be delivery delays. If you have not received your confirmation email within the 2-4 day timeframe, you can get in touch with us (here: and we will happily follow that up for you.

Sometimes (especially now during COVID) there can be delays in postage. We do use express post for all of our packages, however, unfortunately this does not always mean that your order will arrive overnight. If you find that your order is taking too long, you can either submit an enquiry through Australia Post using your tracking link, or reach out to us to do that on your behalf.